Marsha Benovengo

Manalapan, New Jersey
How long have you been fly fishing?
15 years
Favorite fly-fishing partner
My fishing sister and mentor, Marina Swartz, continues to encourage me. My other greatest fishing influence has been my guide and friend, Mike Green, of McAllister, MT, who has encouraged me, shown me how to fight fish, and taught me to be observant.
Favorite water to fish
The Madison River in Montana
Favorite species to fish for
Brown trout because of their strength and autumnal colors. Rainbow Trout because of their agility and jewel-like colors.
Bucket List
Bonefish in The Bahamas.
Top Three Fly Patterns
Chubby Chernobyl, Prince Nymph, and Woolly Bugger

Marsha Benovengo

Fly fishing became my place of solace after 9/11. Other women, as well as men, have always encouraged my excitement about learning as much as I could about the sport, and their generosity motivated me.

A fly-fishing school on the Upper Delaware led me to the Joan Wulff Fly Fishers, an organization built to educate women in the sport of fly fishing. I eventually became President. JWFF connected me to Casting for Recovery, which heightened my desire to serve breast-cancer survivors and help them explore the healing powers of fly fishing. I am now Program Coordinator for the CfR Eastern PA Program. I also serve as a Director and Diversity Chapter Chairperson for Central Jersey TU. This role keeps me thinking about paying it forward.

In September 2016, I joined the staff of the Orvis Princeton. Orvis has given me the chance to interact with women looking to break the barriers and get into the sport of fly fishing, by teaching FF101 and encouraging them. The 50/50 on the Water initiative provides an opportunity for me to mentor and empower women interested in becoming fly fishers.