Caroline Imfeld

For the past 10 years, fly fishing has been my passion, and my husband and I spent every holiday fishing all over the world. In April 2019, we decided to no longer wait for the next vacation: We sold everything back home in Switzerland and bought a 53-foot Hatteras motoryacht and moved to Belize, where we are now living our fly-fishing dream. We established a fly-fishing business and offer fly fishing trip around Placencia, Belize. Can’t be more happy; fly fishing definitely changed my life!

Rebecca Yaseen “Fishing With Becca”

Fishing has been my passion for my entire life, and I recently just recently decided to made it my professional career. Fly fishing is now a part of my life, too, and a newfound sport.

Lizzie Votruba

I used to go years without catching a thing. Growing up, I idly wandered riverbanks in quest of steelhead in Cleveland, and quickly learned that “fishing” was more about the “I.N.G.” than the “F.I.S.H.” Nonetheless, a few special moments across the American West indeed got me truly hooked by my mid-20s. While I occasionally use trout as bait for conversation-starters on dating apps, I cling to the sport for so much more than validation. Fly fishing has always drawn me closer to nature, closer to the best version of myself, and closer to serenity of mind through deliberate and concentrated intention. I’ve always felt more connected to the world around me after even a short hour on the river. Ideally, this is what I share with my fellow anglers in any outing. I want other badass women to experience how the river can provide solace, bringing tranquility to an otherwise tumultuous world (while also mixing in some gleeful hoots and hollers as our nets fill with bounty). Ever since moving to Jackson, Wyoming–a place known for its male dominated rowdy camaraderie–the need for more women on the water has become ever apparent. Fly fishing fits into my life for this reason: to connect with one another over something authentic, in a safe space within this incredible landscape, on the planet we get to call home.

Danielle Johnson

Fly fishing is my favorite hobby. It’s the perfect way for me to relax, have fun, and be in tune with nature. There are so many aspects of fly fishing I enjoy, from fly tying, to researching species, to learning about how different ecosystems work.

Angelica Talan

I’m a mom who grew up fishing in my home state of Ohio. I fished conventionally from about the age of 8 until I was 13 or 14, when I discovered more year-round hobbies and took a break from fishing. I recently re-discovered fishing through my daughter, Ella. She is a very outdoorsy explorer type, and she wanted to learn how to fish. I joined her by taking a couple of courses through Orvis, and now my passion has been reignited. Fly fishing provides a relaxing time for us to bond, and although I’m very new to the sport, I can see myself enjoying it for the rest of my life. It brings me so much joy, peace, and a way to connect with both my daughter and with nature. I love fly fishing so much!

Kimberlie Yuhas

Fly fishing is part of my life, every single day–working in a great fly shop, teaching women about fly fishing, and being part of a great group that fights for our waters. I try to get out on the water almost every day, and I love sharing this world with others and helping educate them on our fisheries and how to preserve them.

Lisa Laviolette

I really started getting into angling after working a season at a remote salmon charter resort in British Columbia. When I moved back home to Alberta, I was introduced to fly fishing by my then boyfriend, now husband. We both love backcountry camping and fishing, so it was such an amazing way to observe and interact with nature.

Britt Benthien

I got introduced to fly fishing slowly, just tagging along with friends, then having them teach me how to cast, and then after I caught my first–albeit, very small fish–I was hooked. I lost it for about a year after a big transition in my life, but got encouraged to get back at it from my loved ones. My spouse got me all new gear and was the most supportive human in my life. Just feeling the line and rod in my hands, I was sucked back in. It brings me complete peace and happiness, and in a world where I work as a first aider and rescuer, those are hard to find.

Rachel Therkildsen

Fly fishing was the kind if hobby I always wanted, but never knew I needed. Fiver years ago, after graduating college and between seasonal jobs, I needed something to get me outside and allow me to continuously learn. Growing up, I watched my dad teach himself the basics of fly fishing during our camping trips, but never really thought much of it. Years later, I decided fly fishing suited everything I was looking for: it was a water sport, I could learn and do it on my own, and I could afford it on my fresh-out-of-college income. I picked up a hand-me-down rod, asked endless questions, and attend every fishing event I could. The first year, I went out on water alone with zero experience, had a blast every time, and never looked back. Now I am a guide at a ranch in Colorado and pursuing a full time career in fly fishing! Fishing consumes all of my thoughts and all of my funds. I would love to catch as many species and fish as many places as possible. I was looking for a hobby and ended up finding my passion, career, and lifestyle!