Elizabeth Hendrix

Sun Valley, Idaho
How long have you been fly fishing?
37 years for fly fishing — longer for spin casting.
Favorite fly-fishing partner
My son and my daughter.
Favorite water to fish
East Fork of the Big Lost (Idaho), the Everglades, Casa Blanca Lodge (Yucatan).
Favorite species to fish for
Brook trout in the West, snook in Florida, bonefish in the Bahamas, permit and baby tarpon in the Yucatan.
Bucket List
Seychelles for bonefish and giant trevally
Top Three Fly Patterns
Hoppers, Stimulators, Parachute Adams.

Elizabeth Hendrix

Elizabeth’s passion for fly fishing began when she was a small girl playing in the rocks and pools while her father fished for trout and steelhead. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, it was easy to fish local rivers and lakes for trout and Puget Sound for salmon, and as she grew older Elizabeth was able to get out on her own.

She wanted to spend her free time in nature, and fishing was her conduit to experience the magic of the outdoors. It was the experience that filled her soul and that she loves to share with friends, family, and fellow fishers.

Her passion for fishing inspired a move from being a communications professional in Seattle to wanting to teach more women to fish in Sun Valley, Idaho. A single mom, Elizabeth moved her two children from Seattle to Sun Valley and has been sharing the joys and experiences of exploring our local waters and catching a variety of trout species ever since. It gave her special memories with her kids and loved ones, and it introduced her to new friends. She’s seen how fishing brought out the love of a mother and daughter that were struggling before they found common ground casting to fish together, and she’s shared the delight and captured the smiles of women, men, and kids who hooked into their first fish. One of her favorite guiding trips was teaching a 90-year-old woman and her 16-year-old great granddaughter to fish at the same time—both caught fish with the entire family watching on the riverbank.

Fly fishing has taken Elizabeth to parts of the world–the Everglades and Key West in Florida, Alaska, the Bahamas, the Yucatan, Montana, Wyoming, and many others–that she might have never visited. It has opened her life in ways that continue to ripple outward. She loves when her kids come home for a few days of fishing. Someday there will be grandkids in tow, and Elizabeth is waiting to share with them this amazing way to connect with others and with nature.