Courtney Allenson

New Haven, Vermont
How long have you been fly fishing?
1 1/2 years.
Favorite fly-fishing partner
My son (he’s a Boy Scout with a fly-fishing merit badge, so he teaches me a lot, too!)
Favorite water to fish
Small mountain streams that feed into the New Haven River - my roots!
Favorite species to fish for
Brook trout.
Bucket List
I’d love to land a musky some day!
Top Three Fly Patterns
I don’t know! I’m still learning!

Courtney Allenson

I grew up fishing small mountain streams with my dad. We’d pack a lunch and spend every Sunday afternoon exploring water, picking wild black caps, and just being outdoors. But I had never tried fly fishing.

As a mother, I take my two children fishing as often as possible. But fishing with two little kids is a lot of work! You don’t have much time to toss a line in for yourself.

Finally this past year and a half, with my children now young teenagers, I’ve found the time and made the commitment to fish for myself, too. I seek the experience of local guides both at home and when I travel for work, slowly fly-fishing my way around New England. It’s been quite the learning process because I’ve had all of my casting instruction on the water, while actually fishing.

What I have found is this: I love fly fishing. I love being outdoors. The time spent with my family as a small child in nature has deeply informed who I am. I’ve found that this male-dominated sport holds its arms wide open to women. I’ve found that I can be a mother and a wife but also an individual. I’ve found peace and excitement on the water. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve found ME.