Jenny Swaty

I started fly fishing about a year ago, and it’s become a great passion of mine. My fiancé is a guide, so we are on the water a lot. Every week it’s a new fun adventure. I can’t get enough of it.

Eleanor Wilcher

This is my two-year-old. She has been fishing with me since she was a month old, and she is awesome.

Samone Runyan

I had never even touched a fly rod till I began dating my now husband Troy. He is a career firefighter and fly-fishing guide who works 24-hour shifts, and I am a respiratory therapist who works 12-hour shifts. He introduced me to fly fishing, and I fell in love! It’s something we enjoy doing together.

Holly Jones Tufts

I have been an angler for as long as I can remember, and picked up a fly rod when I was 14. Fly fishing is my passion. I’m obsessed with the sport, the bugs and fish, the art of fly tying, the history–everything. For me it’s the thing that brings me clarity, peace, quiet, and happiness. I love the sounds and smells, the places it takes me, the other animals I encounter along the way. I don’t know what my life would be without it.

Mia Thomas

Fly fishing is a way that my dad and I connect. We get to spend one-on-one time enjoying the outdoors together. Fly fishing has created a special connection that he and I share.

Mary Atkinson

I immediately fell in love with fly fishing, even though it’s only been a few short years; it’s something I think will be a part of me for years to come. I am excited to be hosting the first #5050OnTheWater event here in Nova Scotia, and am thrilled with the amazing support from our fly fishing community. Here’s to many more!


My ex took me to Sandanona one year to join his casting lesson. I discovered the first sport I’m actually good at and loved it. Next, I took the Orvis classes locally. This year marked my very first official fly-fishing season. I truly thought I’d be too prissy for this, but I stay dry with waders and I enjoy being one with nature. It’s so easy to throw my gear in the trunk and be ready to make a few casts after work and on weekends at the Metroparks. Thank you, Orvis, for all my lessons and helping me discover my new hobby.

Megan Johnson

The cast is what drew me to fly fishing. I always wanted to learn but didn’t know anyone. I took an intro class from Orvis and instantly fell in love. I started with the goal of getting out once a month, which grew to once or twice a week year-round. I never knew how much joy fly fishing would add to my life.

Kat Mulski

I began fishing alongside my father in my teen years. We still primarily fly-fish lakes using a wooden pram, one of the last ones built by the Smith brothers in Washington. Fly fishing is not only a passion of mine, but my writings about fly fishing are currently the basis for my Doctoral Degree in Educational Practice, as well. Professionally, I am a teacher of middle school students, and I find that the my time fishing is a way to thrive personally while renewing my spirit and energy. I fish as often as possible throughout the year, and I am grateful to live so close to water. I can catch coho and chum salmon in rivers near my house, and less than an hour away, there are lakes that yield beautiful local rainbow and brook trout. Catch and release only for this gal!

Amanda Shell

Fly fishing is one of my many hobbies. I try go at least once a week, if not more. My husband and I have a RMR raft that we love to take down the rivers on the days we’re both off work. My dad actually started me fishing when I was old enough to hold a rod, and I’ve been in love with it ever since. Once I got older, he introduced me to fly fishing and even taught me how to tie flies. I just enjoy getting outdoors and the thrill of hooking a fish. I love the technicality of fly fishing.