Clairey Sasser Grubbs

Hello! I’m Clairey and I’m a fly fishing addict. I was born and raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina, and moved to Jackson, Wyoming, in the winter of 1994 at the young age of 19. As a life-long conventional angler I was a bit stubborn about picking up a fly rod. It wasn’t until the spring of 2009–a few months after I met my now husband–that I finally gave in and began fly-fishing full time. A couple years later, I was headed on an all-girls fishing trip with some friends from social media. It was then that I discovered a lot about myself and angling as a whole. After that I began working with my friend, Heather Hodson, with United Women on the Fly. I was inspired by the unique bond and connection I saw female anglers sharing and decided to create a group close to home with full support from my husband and a two close fishing brothers. Shortly after, Christy Carlson and I founded Lady Anglers of WyDaho. I work part time at Orvis of Jackson Hole and am a board member for a local non-profit, Stripping for a Cure. I’m a regional fly sister for United Women on the Fly, a social-media liaison for the group, and run Lady Anglers of Wydaho’s social media too.

Kim Thompson

Time on the water has slowed me down from life’s necessities ever since I was a kid. It has been a passion that started as a child growing up in Colorado watching my father and brother catch rainbows and cutthroats. When I moved to Missoula for school, fly-fishing became my church, my space to reflect and gather myself during the transitional seasons of life. Since then I have found myself holding sockeyes in the Kenai, rainbows in the North Cascades, cutthroats in the Lochsa, and still each time I get a fish on, my heart skips a beat–elated, blessed and empowered. As an adult, I treasure the long weekends that my dad, brother, and I can find ourselves again, together, walking the streams that flow though the Rocky Mountain West.

Donna Smith

Profession, passion, hobby, and stress reliever. Fly fishing is all of that and an Arnold Palmer. I’ve been involved in fly fishing for about 25 years, having grown up camping, canoeing, and spending time outdoors. I became interested in the sport when my husband and I took a friend fishing. When I saw him making those beautiful casts, I wanted to do that, too.

Soon after I began teaching others how to cast. I have had some great mentors help me in this learning/teaching process. I am the first woman in Illinois to become a Certified Casting Instructor through Fly Fishers International (FFI).

In 2009, I joined the crew of the Wisconsin Women’s Fly Fishing Clinics to teach women to fly fish. My friends will tell you that teaching people to cast and fish is my passion, it’s what I do. I get to do it now in my job as well. I am the Fishing Manager for the Orvis Company store in Madison, Wisconsin. I’m one of a small handful of women in this role at Orvis. Through the Fly Fishing 101 program, I get to introduce more and more people to fly fishing . I’m passionate about supporting the 50/50 on the Water program and helping women to feel more comfortable to get out and enjoy the sport that we love.

Shannon Gibbons

I started fly fishing a few years back when my boyfriend decided he’d rather teach me to join him than him inevitably leave me every weekend to fish. I love adventure, hiking, playing sports, and being active, so I figured it would be a great fit. I fell in love with the sport as my newfound hobby and easy excuse to get out into nature. The beautiful scenery and the challenge and triumph after landing the big guys is what keeps me going back.

Rachel Kernohan

Last year, I was introduced into the amazing sport of fly fishing and fell absolutely in love! Fly fishing has now become my favorite passion, and is my release from all other things in life. I try to get out on the water as much as I can, and am looking forward to the adventures fly fishing will take me on in the future!

Lauren Ransom

My dad started teaching me to fly fish when I was about six years old. We would go to the local hardware store in Conifer, Colorado, where he’d buy us flies and I’d get a candy bar (my original motivation for going fishing). Fly fishing has become a deep passion of mine, one that my dad and I have bonded over and that my husband and I now bond over. It’s my favorite way to get out into the wilderness, to relax, and just let the world fade away.

Kelly Harrison

I was born in Missoula, Montana, and graduated from the University of Montana. Throughout my childhood, I splashed in the Clark Fork and its small tributaries and spent most summers fishing, camping, and riding horses with her family along the Jocko River just north of Missoula. After serving in the Air Force, I returned to Montana and pursued a career as a guide. In my off time you’ll find me traveling around the state with a fly rod in hand. I enjoy helping women in the pursuit of fly fishing and donate time to Mending Waters of Montana, a veterans group based in Helena.

Stacy Seethaler

I found fly fishing one year ago! I have fished spinning rods for years, but fly fishing is all I want to do now. I have a great crew of friends I fish with, and we take adventures all over Pennsylvania. I have a beautiful daughter and awesome husband who fish with me, and we love to spend time together on the water. I work a lot and try to make time once a week for me to clear my mind and find some water. I can’t wait for my next adventure!

Tiffany Eisner

My Husband and I started fly fishing about a year ago. We love spending time on the water together. Fly fishing has brought us closer together, and I love that we both share a passion for it.

Hannah Kramer

I recently got into fly fishing, a year after my dad passed away. He was an avid fly fisherman, and in a grief-filled state, I was sorting through his old musty gear. I decided that I would strap on his size 13 boots, and slip into the decade-old waders, and try my hand at carrying on his legacy. From that moment on, fly fishing has become an integral part of my life and my healing process.