Women’s Fly Fishing 201 – Collierville, TN

Sign Up The next step after completing the Fly Fishing 101 class is to get out on the water for a 201 class. In this local outing, we will review casting and rigging, and show you more tricks for getting the fly where you want it and bringing it to life in the water. For many students, this is the first fish they will catch on the fly! We will provide rods and terminal tackle, although we recommend you bring your own to become more comfortable fishing your personal gear! We also recommend bringing your own tippet, forceps and nippers (all included in our fully-loaded lanyard and sling pack!) so you can tie your own knots and release your own fish! We will provide plenty of drinks and a light lunch afterwards. All gear is provided. Wear weather appropriate clothing (rain or sun gear), comfortable shoes that can get muddy, a hat and sunglasses. We recommend students wear polarized sunglasses – they’re better for your eyes, and will cut the glare off the water to allow you to see the fish! The class will be held at Hinton Park in Collierville, Tennessee.

Women’s Fly Fishing 101 – Memphis, TN

Sign Up In fly-fishing 101, Orvis Instructors will teach you the basics of fly-fishing: casting, rigging, and fly selection, in just two hours! You’ll even get to practice landing a fish! We provide all the gear along with a light brunch, coffee and mimosas. As a thank-you for taking the class, you will receive a set of exclusive coupons that will help outfit you with gear and clothing; allowing you to hit the water as easily and comfortably as possible! Join us at your local store to see how simple, fun and accessible fly fishing really is! All fishing gear will be provided, along with a light brunch and plenty of water. You will be outside for the first hour of the class, so dress appropriately: sun or rain gear, comfortable clothes and shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. The class will be held at the Orvis retail store in Memphis, Tennessee.

Women’s Fly Tying 101 – Memphis, TN

Sign Up Fly tying adds a fun, artistic element to the fishing experience, and there’s nothing more rewarding than catching a fish on a fly you’ve tied! In these classes, we’ll help you tie your first fly over wine and snacks. We’ll provide all the gear and give you coupons to buy your own equipment. All tools and materials will be provided. The class will be held at the Orvis retail store in Memphis, Tennessee.