Elsa Espino

New York City
How long have you been fly fishing?
This upcoming July will make it 4 years since I started fly fishing.
Favorite fly-fishing partner
My partner in crime is and has always been Christian Medina. He's my amazing boyfriend and best friend! However, I'm always looking for new fishing friends, so feel free to hit me up via Instagram or my website if you would like to fish together! (IG: @elsa.m.espino or Website: www.elsaespino.com)
Favorite water to fish
Yellowstone National Park, for sure. Although I only got to fish it one summer, it was amazing! The landscapes, the wild trout, the solitude . . . it's too perfect.
Favorite species to fish for
Albies and trout! I had the opportunity to fish for albies last fall, and it was insane. The albies are jumping nonstop, and you have to act fast and keep casting! As for trout, they always live in the most amazing places and will always be my first loves in fly fishing. I remember the best fight I had with a trout, on California’s Truckee River. When I first hooked up, I thought I had snagged a rock. As I kept staring at the water, I noticed the line slowly moving, and at that instant, I brought the heat! I was playing tug of war with this monster brown trout, and I wasn't letting him escape. He eventually gave in, and I was able to net the biggest brown trout I've caught!
Bucket List
I would love to fish for Albies out in Montauk again! But besides that, I want to fish in Cuba, Patagonia, New Zealand, and remote areas in Europe/Japan/South America.
Top Three Fly Patterns
Size 22 Blue-winged Olive, Black or White Woolly Bugger, and any wet fly