Wren Hepworth

I am four years old and have been fishing since I was six months old, being carried around by my dad. Fly fishing is my passion. I hope to be doing it forever!

Stephanie Lerg

My life mixed with fly fishing about two years ago, and I instantly fell in love. I work full time, am married, and have three kiddos. When I am out on the river, all of the stress of life flows away, and I am left with peace, my rod and reel, and if I am lucky, a fish on the end of my line.

Molly Roberson

I’m a wife, mother, physician assistant, business owner, and avid fly fisher. My husband and I got into fly fishing in 2010 on a small creek near our house for stocked rainbows. We often say that fly fishing is part of what saved our marriage. I’ve been all over the world fishing and have not yet grown tired of hooking trout, even stocked rainbows, but I love big, wild fish whenever I can find them. I absolutely love taking my kids with me on the water. My 6 year old son Rowan is quite the angler and pretty obsessed with hunting for brown trout. He’s had the privilege of landing wild rainbows and cutthroats but hasn’t landed his brown yet.

Lindsey Rock

Fly fishing is a passion for me. I fished for years with a conventional spinning rod and worms, but when I found fly fishing it opened a brand new perspective on fishing for me. It offers a greater challenge and even greater reward when you land a fish big or small on a fly rod, knowing that you have picked or tied the fly that has led you to this moment.

Michelle Watkins

I married into a fly-fishing family and had boys. So I figured I had better take up fly fishing if I ever want to see my boys and husband. Now I think that I love it more than all of them.

Alex Mattia

I found myself content on the side of the river with my hammock, our dog, and a good book while my husband waded up and down the river. But when we booked a fishing trip out West, I knew I needed a bigger piece of the action and immediately enrolled in an Orvis Fly Fishing School. After two days of class, I knew this would is a lifelong hobby. Now, we get out of the city and on the water every chance we get.

Sha Juniper Orton

Fly fishing is my jam! I love everything about frolicking around on fishy waters to get lost in my growth zone. Fly fishing has brought me to beautiful places, is my escape when life gets busy (but also my exciting destination!), and has become my favorite hobby. I love learning water, the world of flies and bug life, feeling a feisty tug, and introducing other women to fishing. Seeing my daughter reel one in gives me deep satisfaction and makes me realize what truly matters. I plan to chase tail for the rest of my life!

McKenna Hulslander

Fly fishing is an outlet and an escape for me. Every time you go fishing, you leave behind the world of stress and responsibility. As a student athlete in high school and now a triple sport athlete in college, fly fishing has been a constant reminder of the importance of the balanced required to live a full life. I have found peace and perspective through the art of fly fishing and a deeper understanding and appreciation of the amazing places that call me back at the end of each day.

Keely Benson

I grew up in a small town in northwestern Montana, with two blue-ribbon trout waters less than 20 minutes from my back door. Fly fishing has become a passion for me over the last few years, and I like to get out as much as I can. Being in nature has always been my thing, and with fly fishing, I can be outside anytime of the year.

Kayla Wilson

Fly fishing has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in West Yellowstone, Montana, which is prime fly fishing country. Now I’ve turned that hobby into my family activities with my husband and children. We are on the water every chance we get.