Diana Pek

Born and raised in central New Jersey, I have always been an outdoorsy kind of person–enjoying everything from hiking, to running 5ks, to taking photographs, to fly fishing. Two years ago, I moved to the beautiful Catskills of New York, and now get to fish every single day. Half my day I wear scrubs, and the other half I wear waders.


Deighan Cherry

I fly fish with my dad and any girl my age who wants to learn. I love fly fishing with my grandma in the Adirondacks. I think you could say fly fishing is my passion. I started when I was four. I like to tie flies and share what I have learned with other girls my age.


Natalie Cullum

Fly Fishing came into my life a short two years ago. A friend of mine convinced me that fishing was something I needed to try. He took the time to show me the basics of casting, explained the evolution of flies, and by the end of the day I had caught a fish–sealing the deal that fishing is something I want to keep doing…all the time. My dad eventually passed down his rod and reel, and set me up with a pair of waders and boots, giving me access to water that I hadn’t had before.

Two years ago, when my love for fishing started, I was in the thick of my college career. Studying Outdoor Product Design and Development, I had the opportunity to explore the sport of fly fishing further, but on the product-design and -development side of things. My senior year, I ended up designing and making a pair of women-specific waders, which got me noticed by one of the designers at the Orvis Company. A couple of months later, I landed my dream job: becoming a product designer for Fish and Hunt for Orvis.

For me, fly fishing is a way to escape the hustle of life, enjoy nature, and connect with people on a deeper level. Fly fishing has changed the course of my adult life, and I truly appreciate all of the people and experiences it has brought me.