Molly Roberson

I’m a wife, mother, physician assistant, business owner, and avid fly fisher. My husband and I got into fly fishing in 2010 on a small creek near our house for stocked rainbows. We often say that fly fishing is part of what saved our marriage. I’ve been all over the world fishing and have not yet grown tired of hooking trout, even stocked rainbows, but I love big, wild fish whenever I can find them. I absolutely love taking my kids with me on the water. My 6 year old son Rowan is quite the angler and pretty obsessed with hunting for brown trout. He’s had the privilege of landing wild rainbows and cutthroats but hasn’t landed his brown yet.


Lindsey Rock

Fly fishing is a passion for me. I fished for years with a conventional spinning rod and worms, but when I found fly fishing it opened a brand new perspective on fishing for me. It offers a greater challenge and even greater reward when you land a fish big or small on a fly rod, knowing that you have picked or tied the fly that has led you to this moment.


Keely Benson

I grew up in a small town in northwestern Montana, with two blue-ribbon trout waters less than 20 minutes from my back door. Fly fishing has become a passion for me over the last few years, and I like to get out as much as I can. Being in nature has always been my thing, and with fly fishing, I can be outside anytime of the year.


Kayla Wilson

Fly fishing has always been a big part of my life. I grew up in West Yellowstone, Montana, which is prime fly fishing country. Now I’ve turned that hobby into my family activities with my husband and children. We are on the water every chance we get.


Lindy Reese

I grew up fishing for redfish on the Texas Gulf coast with my dad and brothers. Back then, I was just trying to keep up with the boys, and now they can’t keep up with me! When I moved to the mountains after college, I picked up fly fishing and spent all my free time on the river or backpacking up to high lakes. Fly tying quickly followed as a nightly routine over a cup of tea. I loved the artistry and precision of it all. Just like fishing, tying created moments of absolute focus on beauty that brought me peace. Fishing has always been about perspective and finding my place in the family of things.

Fly fishing has become a personal passion that I love to share with others. I volunteer with a local non-profit to teach casting clinics for middle-school girls in order to help them build confidence and get outside. I have taught lots of the little boys in town to tie their first fly. (Blood Midges and San Juan Worms come in handy for unsure hands.) And when I am not guiding commercially, I love taking friends and family out into the backcountry.


Phoebe Komlos

I am a six-year-old girl who enjoys spending time with my dad fly fishing. This is a great way for me to learn about fish, bugs, and wildlife that lives around the streams, even snakes.


Courtney Allenson

I grew up fishing small mountain streams with my dad. We’d pack a lunch and spend every Sunday afternoon exploring water, picking wild black caps, and just being outdoors. But I had never tried fly fishing.

As a mother, I take my two children fishing as often as possible. But fishing with two little kids is a lot of work! You don’t have much time to toss a line in for yourself.

Finally this past year and a half, with my children now young teenagers, I’ve found the time and made the commitment to fish for myself, too. I seek the experience of local guides both at home and when I travel for work, slowly fly-fishing my way around New England. It’s been quite the learning process because I’ve had all of my casting instruction on the water, while actually fishing.

What I have found is this: I love fly fishing. I love being outdoors. The time spent with my family as a small child in nature has deeply informed who I am. I’ve found that this male-dominated sport holds its arms wide open to women. I’ve found that I can be a mother and a wife but also an individual. I’ve found peace and excitement on the water. I’ve made lifelong friends. I’ve found ME.


Cori Brago

I didn’t grow up fishing, and it wasn’t until a work trip to Wyoming a few years ago that I even tried fly fishing. I was hooked. Even though I dreamed of fishing more, a mom of two boys has little time to dedicate to new hobbies.

Three years later, after one of those life-altering game changers I walked back into the water to find myself again. I haven’t looked back since. I’ve been hunting trout in Vermont and Montana, have become a mentor for the MayflyProject, and have been accepted into guide school. When I’m not fishing, I spend my days working, cooking for people I love, and teaching my boys how to live an experience driven life.


Ciera Thurman

Until recently, I did not know how to cast a fly rod, mend a line, or set a hook. After losing several fish and receiving some very important coaching, I landed a brown trout that hooked me on a new hobby. It was a challenging fight, but I eventually landed a 24.5-inch brown on a nymph on the White River of Arkansas. As my time on the river continued, I was able to improve my fishing ability and even developed a passion for this peaceful and challenging sport. This first trip was only the beginning of my fly-fishing story, and I will never forget landing that river monster.


Bre McNulty

The Winters are long here in Alberta, and when we finally get a few decent months of warm weather, my husband and I try to spend as much of it as possible on the water fly-fishing. We both work full time and spend a lot of time coordinating our calendars to maximize our days off together so we can get out fishing. Although we’re fairly new to the sport, it has quickly become my favorite summer hobby, and we now even try to plan our winter escapes to destinations where we can try to fish new species.

My perfect day of fishing here at home starts when we wake up to the early morning sun, enjoy a cup of coffee around the fire, and then head out for a day of hiking through forests and canyons, wading through river beds and over waterfalls to get to our favorite pools. The scenery here is second only to watching the fish rise, and feeling that familiar tug on the fly line. These days out on the water with my husband are something out of a fairy tale, and I feel so blessed to be able to enjoy this sport and call these waters home.