Malorie Crispo

Malorie grew up in the woods, and was already equipped with a big love of hiking, camping, and nature, in general. A good friend introduced her to fly fishing about six years ago, and it just naturally wriggled into her already outdoorsy lifestyle. That natural integration turned into the healthiest obsession. She has learned so much, and continues to learn–whether it be about fishing or about herself–every time she steps into a river. She’s so lucky to live in Nova Scotia, which is a fly angler’s paradise and a playground for the outdoor enthusiast!


Emily Roley

Emily started fly fishing at the tender age of 13. Her passion for the sport only grew in intensity as she grew into an adult and finally, at 35 years old, she decided to turn the passion into a profession. She moved to Taos, New Mexico, where she became a guide and the shop manager for the Taos Fly Shop.


Becca Powell

Becca K. Powell is no stranger to the outdoors, having spent the summers of her youth in the mountains of North Georgia and hiking the Appalachian Trail; her college years in Boone, North Carolina, camping, hiking, skiing, fishing and rock climbing; and more than a decade working within the Waterkeeper movement.

As development director for the nonprofit Chattahoochee Riverkeeper, Becca works to bring awareness to the river that serves more than 5 million Georgians and sustains one of the South’s most thriving trout fisheries. When she’s not working, she can be found with a fly rod in hand. Some of Becca’s favorite moments are spent traveling with her husband, Justin, to Belize for bonefish, the Pacific Northwest in search of steelhead, or the Florida Keys, where she’s still dreaming of landing a tarpon on the fly.

Becca’s passion is the environment, and it shows not only through her career, but also her volunteer work. She is a proud member of the Georgia Women Fly Fishers, Fly Fishers International, Upper Chattahoochee Chapter of Trout Unlimited, and a volunteer for Casting for Recovery. Becca is also an associate editor for DUN Magazine and was featured as the Summer 2018 cover story. Becca is proud to be a part of the Orvis family, assisting with the #5050onthewater initiative in the Atlanta market. To follow Becca’s adventures both on the river and in the environmental movement, check her out on Instagram.


Lori-Ann Murphy

Lori-Ann landed her first steelhead on fly in her late twenties, while wading the Deschutes River. That led her to move to Teton Valley and guide on the Snake River between Wyoming and Idaho for twenty years. Throughout her guide career, she always had a special love for casting. She has won several casting and fishing competitions and represents leadership with her casting approach to fishing.

In 1989, she attended the Orvis Guide Rendezvous with sixteen men. Then-Orvis chairman Leigh Perkins was her first client, fishing Nelson’s Spring Creek. Right there in Livingston, Montana, she knew her life as an RN was going to take a dramatic shift. And it did. Along with some fly-fishing leaders, such as Nancy Zakon and Margot Page, Lori-Ann started the Orvis School for Women in 1992. It was there in Manchester, Vermont, that an entire room of twenty-seven women from all over the USA decided they wanted to go on fly-fishing trips. It was a no brainer for Lori-Ann, who is addicted to fun, to launch Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures in 1994. RWFFA continues today, twenty-five years later, as a source of inspiration to get women out on the water fly fishing.

To complete her guiding career of thirty years, Lori-Ann has spent the last ten years living for the most part in San Pedro, Belize. She established Reel Belize, a Belize Tour Operator for fly fishing, in 2018. She has guided full-time on the flats and now spends her time training Belizean tour guides to be the best out on the water for her company, Reel Belize. Between living in the tropics and then her beloved West in the summertime, life is pretty good for this veteran fly-fishing guide. It’s Lori-Ann’s true belief that fly-fishing pleasure brings to those who dare – those that want to keep seeing a rainbow trout break the rivers surface with an explosion to the fly on the Big Hole or feel the adrenaline rush from of a huge school of permit charging feathers and fur on the saltwater flats of Ambergris Caye – a life of passion and fun.


Rachael Brady

Rachael has always been a country girl, but until three years ago, she was more likely to be standing in a field with her Beretta rather than on a riverbank with rod in hand. Her job focuses on wholesaling fishing tackle to UK and Europe and also dealing with the three fishing beats that Orvis have. She had been in the job a few months and was eager to learn more about what she was actually selling, in both products and experiences. She thought it would help give her an insight into what the customers needed, but she had no idea how addicted she would become!

With the help of friends and the continuous support from fishing associates within the company, Rachael started to get out more and more. Before she knew it, she was on the river from 5p.m. until dark every night. Last year, she managed to get on the England Ladies Commonwealth Fly Fishing team, and fished for her country in Northern Ireland. This was one of the best experiences of her fishing life, and she cannot wait for 2020, when the competition will be held in New Zealand.


Hannah Perkins

Hannah started fly fishing when she was around five years old. It was something her entire family did. If the family vacation wasn’t a fishing vacation, they were hunting, so it was either learn or do nothing–and she’s not a do-nothing type of girl. When she went to college in Montana, she began to develop her own personal relationship with fishing, learning how to do it completely on her own–from finding out where to go to tying her own flies and learning to row a boat. Today it is a hobby that she has designed her life around. She gets out on the water any chance she gets, and most of her own vacations are now fishing and hunting vacations.


Frazier Blair

As Vice President General Merchandise Manager at Orvis, Frazier is fortunate to work with the company’s product and planning teams. She started fly fishing not long after she started working at Orvis. Fly fishing is at the core of the brand and everything Orvis does. Frazier wanted to understand the sport, having spent her entire life involved in outdoor pursuits. She found her fly-fishing niche in the camaraderie on the river and the activity involved in trout fishing small streams in Vermont. She likes to walk those streams, covering ground as she places her fly where she thinks a trout might be hanging out. Orvis drove her entry into the sport, and she’s since enjoyed fly-fishing adventures with her Dad, on her own, and with her co-workers.


Anita Coulton

Anita’s journey with a fly rod began at age three when her father, an avid outdoorsman, sat her on the bank with a old Zebco rod. A deep love for the outdoors was born, and more importantly, a passion to pursue anything that could be caught with a fishing rod. Her extensive fly-fishing experience spans more than 20 years, and she is comfortable in both fresh and saltwater.

A former competitive angler, she has fished alongside some of the World’s best. In 2017, she earned the title of NJ Flyfisherman of the Year. Anita is a graduate of Reel Women Guide School, based in Montana. She is proud to be an Orvis-Endorsed Guide with Cross Current Guide Service, and in season you can find her navigating her Clackacraft on the Upper Delaware River, chasing some of the toughest wild brown trout around. In addition to guiding, Anita has been involved with Casting for Recovery for over 10 years. She is also an avid writer and contributor to publications such as Dun Magazine and Fly Fisherman.


Kaitlin Boyer

Fly fishing fits into Kaitlin Boyer’s life like a piece of a puzzle that she didn’t know was missing. It’s a religion, a temple, a passion, a therapist, a friend, a way to connect with her significant other, a career, a profession, and a creative outlet. To reset, she spends her free time on the river bank. She captures her fishing journeys with her camera, and writes about them in hopes of getting published. In the summer, she gets up before dawn to take people fly fishing and teach them how to catch fish, and in turn gets money to provide for her family. The friends and the memories she’s made have come with many casts, bad net jobs, and fish that made the day. All in all, fly fishing isn’t a hobby, or just a job, it’s the air Kaitlin breathes.


Elsa Espino

Elsa Espino is a fly fisherwoman and an outdoor photographer based in New York City. She loves to break the barriers of male-dominated cultures and empower women to do the same! Elsa is an avid traveler (although I’ve been in NYC for some time) and is hoping to someday travel around the world.